Discover how to use RdN Contract Vault and see how it can help you.

RdN Contract Vault adds one action to the navigation pane of selected role centers called All Contracts. There you can access your existing contracts or create new ones.

You can also find a new action in your customer and vendor pages called Contracts. The action opens the Contract Information List page filtered on contracts involving the selected customer or vendor.

When you open the Contract Information List page and select New, the card page opens.

When I've put in my contract information I can add the actual contract as a PDF attachment to my record. This is done by using the action New Attachment and selecting your PDF in the dialog box.

The attachment will then appear in the Contract Attachment ListPartfactbox on the right side of the page. You can add more than one attachment to any contract. You can view your contract, or remove it, by clicking the three dots in the Description field and selecting an action.

Our contract will now be displayed in the Contract Information List page but we can also access it through the customer the contract applies to. When we open the customers page we can press the action Contracts

This will open the Contract Information List page showing only contracts involving this customer.

The RdN Contract Vault extension is by default available to all users. However we can control the data available for each user. When you create a new contract in Contract Vault it is by default only viewable by you. This can be changed and lets see how. When you open the Contract Information Card page you'll see a few actions that control user permissions as well as the field Allowed Users which displays the users that can view the data.

To allow every user to access the contract we simply press the Add Everyone action.

Now we see that the Allowed Users field is empty. When the field is empty that means there are no user restrictions on the contract and all users have access to it.

But let's say I want to just allow me (ADMIN) and two more users to access this contract, John and Jane. I can press the Add Me action to add me to Allowed Users.

Now to add John and Jane I press the Add User action

This opens the User Setup page so I can select users. I select Jane and press OK, then do the same for John.

Now we can see that Jane and John have been added to the Allowed Users field and can access the contract.

To block a user from accessing a contract I press the Remove User action.

The User Setup page opens and I select the user I want to remove and then press OK.

To simplify insertion of a long list of contracts into RdN Contract Vault the Contract Information List page offers an option to import contracts from a Comma-Seperated variables file (CSV). You can also export your contracts into a CSV file for storage. CSV files can be opened and edited with Microsoft Excel.

NOTE: Our CSV files are created using Business Central default field separator, the comma. Depending on your settings in excel or windows, excel might not show the file in the correct way. In that case you can change your settings to separate files by comma or simply edit the file from a text editor.

To import a CSV file it has to be in the right format. We recommend that you download the template by pressing the Download Contract Template action. It downloads a CSV file in the right format so you can start adding contracts to your list.

The top row are the headers and the bottom row is a placeholder contract. We can write down our contract information in an easy way in Excel.

To import contracts we press the Import Contracts action and select our CSV file.

Then we can see our contracts appear in our list.

RdN Contract Vault offers the option to Export your contract list from the Contract Information List page to a CSV file. This is a good option if you wan't to keep a backup of your contract list or move the list between databases. To export you simply press the Export Contracts action.

This will download your contract list as file called MyContracts.csv